Our Advantage

Because, we have the team, the experience, and the technology to accelerate your clinical trial and guide your project to success, even in the most difficult situations. we've structured our company to ensure we're always focused on you and the success of your clinical project.

Superior Quality

The integrity of your project lies in our hands and you can trust our focus on quality. As part of our process, we hold a Round Table Meeting with you to review all business aspects. This milestone enables you to make client-specific adjustments, any adjustments due to unexpected study circumstances and it allows us to timely accommodate such adjustments into the clinical project.

Legal Access

We know the regulatory requirement and have the access and the experience to go through regulatory approvals for clinical trials in different countries in the EMEA Region.


As clinical projects have strict time frame, we are quite aware of the importance that lays on time when it comes to a new medical development. We help you to expedite time-to-market to bring new treatment to patients who need it.


We're able to support stand-alone projects as well as fully integrated clinical programs. We do not have a problem if you prefer to use your own systems. In either cases, our flexible system allows us to provide you with the same quality of service.

Lower Costs

We offer an integrated, flexible approach with a unique fusion of expertise to clinical trials industry at a very competitive price. We always strive to enhance our infrastructure and off-shore resources thus expediting the process and lowering your overall costs.


We strictly follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our business integration and consistency to be seamless. Besides, we rely on intensive training of staff, 7/24 hours trouble shooting service to clinical trails teams, audit checks and close monitoring.

Regional Approach

We have extensive regional network of partners in the EMEA region. Our network ensures that we are able to deliver our services at the same level of quality for multicenter clinical trials at our clients ease.

Innovative Technology

Our system is powered through e-Clinical Trial Management System, the industry standard. To maximize the benefits of e-Clinical Trial Management System, we also have strong partnerships with leading third-party e-Clinical service providers.